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BroaderVoice.com is growing from the belief that the internet is a tool for empowerment... not just of individuals, but groups.  It is my intent to provide recording services and archiving to organizations and institutions, and to make the archives available to all who will hear.  To that end, there are several starter samples, each with some important content, available for free now.  More will come in the future.  If you wish an event recorded, archived and made available here, please contact me personally.  If you wish to have an event archived and made available here, again contact me personally.  We also have CD and DVD production and packaging capability if you wish to make them available to your constituency for sale.  I am excited about the prospects the future holds.

Please note that all content to date is copyrighted, but is unprotected.  It is our true intent to make this available to the broadest possible audience.  To that end, if materials are used from this web site, you must give proper attribution and a link to this web site.  Copyright is granted for personal use only, all other rights, including distribution for commercial purposes whether by inclusion in excerpt or by the whole are subject to approval by BroaderVoice.com and other copyright holders.  Please understand that the purpose of this is not to limit distribution, but to support those institutions, organizations and individuals which make this work possible.


George Graves

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  • Faith and Fundamentalism Lectures
  • Al-Quds - Jerusalem Lectures
  • Teaching Islam Lectures
  • Discourses and Songs by M. R. Bawa Muyaiyaddeen
  • The Sufi Path


  • No new events are scheduled, but come back for more... I'm just getting started.