The Sufi Path

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Topical Listing

Volume One  - Originally Presented 1999

The Bawa Muhaiyaddeen Fellowship - Sonia Leon Gilbert, President
Islam and Muslims - Imam Muhammad Abdur Razzaq
Sufism and Adolescents - Imam Muhammad Abdur Razzaq
Teaching Children in Class and Their Needs - Dr. Usha Balamore
Teacher - Child Relationship - Dr. Usha Balamore
Marriage - Aura and Malik Freudberg
Marriage - Jeane and Rick Boardman
Parenting - Jeane and Rick Boardman
Educating Adolescents - Yazid Jones
Troubled Adolescents / Belief System in God - Yazid Jones
Children Discuss Their Favorite Stories - Halima and Gabriel Barnett
Letting God Do The Work - Tom Krause, Opera Singer
Pilgrimage to Mecca and Medina - Emmanuel Levin
Hajj and Inner Meaning / Unity - Emmanuel Levin
Bawa's Wisdom Discussed by College Students - Various
Bawa's Teaching Discussed - Various
Music of "Light: The Soundtrack" - Jerry Foreman
"Light: the Soundtrack", the Significance and Meaning - Jerry Foreman
Modesty in Dress - Shams Hahn, Suhaibah Toomey, Ayesha Weinberg
Meaning and Value of the Hijab - Shams Hahn, Suhaibah Toomey and Ayesha Weinberg
Pre-Kindergarten Children, Teaching and Spiritual Growth - Ayesha Weinberg
Jihad as an Inner Struggle - Carl Marcus
Destiny and Free Will - Hamzabibi Dale Applebaum and Asma Dougherty
The Purpose of Life / Surrender to God's Will - Hamzabibi Dale Applebaum and Asma Dougherty
Going Inside to Ask for God's Guidance - Hamzabibi Dale Applebaum and Asma Dougherty
Moral Goals in Teaching Kindergarten - Dr. Usha Balamore
Project to Enhance Moral Goals - Dr. Usha Balamore
Teenage Views of Goodness and Connection to God - Alia and Halima


Volume Two - Originally Presented 2000

Surrender, Suffering and Grace - Lateef and Eve Saboor McCorkle
Gratitude, Intention and Effort - Lateef and Eve Saboor McCorkle
Racial / Ethnic Unity - Changing Our Qualities - Zahara Simmons
Middle East, God, Family Structure and Values, Adolescents, The Elderly - Zahara Simmons
The Zikr and its Practice, Marriage - Michael Toomey
Ramadan, Seven Aspects of Consciousness - Michael Toomey
Practicing Patience - Patrick Andrews
The Elements vs. the Light of Life / Choice and Habits - Patrick Andrews
Conscience - Kelly Hayden
Truth vs. Mind / Correcting Ourselves - Kelly Hayden
Parenting / Foundation of Love / Belief in God - Janie Posner
Parenting / Expanded Family / Unity of Family / Husband and Wife - Janie Posner
Meeting Bawa Muhaiyaddeen (ral.) The True Guru - Jeenet Lawton
Teaching Students / Working On One's Self - Jeenet Lawton
Finding One's Self / Changing One's Self - David McNitt
Deprogramming Childhood - David McNitt
Strengthening Intentions / Dealing With Monkeys - Zoe Bowen
Start Fresh Each Day / Blood Attachments / Patience Anger and Arrogance - Zoe Bowen
Cultural Freedom / The Media - Musa Levin
Pop Culture vs. God Culture / Our Addictions - Musa Levin
Unity - Inner and Outer / Our True Identity - Siti Fatimah Ganesan
Story of Creation - Our Story / The Light Within - Siti Fatimah Ganesan
Meeting Bawa Muhaiyaddeen (ral.) / Creating Our Destiny / Forgiveness - Rob Shiffrin
Adolescence / Role Modeling / Prayer as an Anchor - Rob Shiffrin
Sufism One and Sufism Two / Western View of Islam / Western Converts to Islam - Dr. Huston Smith
What All Religions Have In Common Science Enhances God - Dr. Huston Smith
Chidren In Therapy - Dr. Art Hochberg

Reparenting / Addiction - Dr. Art Hochberg
Today's Teenage View of Life / Choices to Make - Mary Boardman
The Teenager's Need to Understand Good and Bad Actions / Point of Light - Mary Boardman


Volume Three - Originally Presented 2001

Fasting: Introduction, Purpose and Meaning - Darrell Gilbert
A Family Perspective During Ramadan / al'Tikaf Experience - Darrell and Jonathan Gilbert
Essay on True Marriage - Locke Rush
Essay on Habits: How Do You Measure Your Own Progress? - Locke Rush
Thoughts on True Charity: "Goodness is Quiet" - Locke Rush
The Western Perception Can Be Incorrect - Asmai'l Hackett
Perception of Women in Islam / True Islam - Asmai'l Hackett
Stories of Canary and Racoon (Determination and Awareness) - Locke Rush
Poverty, Suffering and Seeking God / Belief and Trust In God - Abdur Rahman
Understanding Suffering / Faith in God - Abdur Rahman
Thoughts on Self Will: "Getting My Way" - Locke Rush
Reading the Inner Book of Wisdom / God's Qualities: the Means and the End - Hamzabibi Dale
Zikr - Practice and Meaning / God's Qualities are Within - Hamzabibi Dale
Searching for God / Meeting Bawa Muhaiyaddeen (ral.) Today - George Graves
Self Transformation / Importance of Salaams / Faith Becomes Action - George Graves
Fall from Grace: Admitting Our Wrongs - Yazid Jones
Remedy for Arrogance is Surrender and Unity - Yazid Jones
Meeting Bawa Muhaiyaddeen (ral.) Needing and Wanting Change - Nur Marcus
Readings from "A Book of God's Love" - Nur Marcus
Readings from "The Triple Flame" and Discussion - Nur Marcus
Answering Children's Questions / Importance of Dinnertime - Mary Fatimah Boardman
Pursuing Pleasure / Consequences / False Promise of Drugs - Mary Fatimah Boardman
Inner Awakening / How Bawa Muhaiyaddeen (ral.) Came Here - Carolyn Andrews
The Fellowship: Who Comes and Why / Wisdom and the One Point - Carolyn Andrews
Inner Jihad: The Awareness and the Point - Roberta "Teddy" Levin
Difficulties: The World as a University - Roberta "Teddy" Levin
Why Are We Here? / The Age of Darkness - Razeen Salih
Am I Good? / Becoming an "Ant man" - Razeen Salih
What Is God's Psychology? - Ann Williams
A Woman's Duties: A Priority List - Ann Williams
What is True Marriage? / The Five Stages of Marriage - Locke Rush
Marriage as Half the Path to God (the Deen) / Teaching Children - Locke Rush


Volume Four - Finding the Way Home - Originally Presented 2002

What Has Been Your Life, Your Search? - Locke Rush
What is the Fellowship, The Truth, The Path? - Locke Rush
What is Faith? / Letting Go, Taking a Risk - Rick Boardman
Community / Qualities and Faith / The Inner Jihad - Rick Boardman
Meeting Bawa Muhaiyaddeen (ral.) / Work as a Form Of Conscience / Morality - Ahamed Muhaiyaddeen
Bawa Muhaiyaddeen (ral.) as the Least Among Us / Justice and a Melting Heart - Ahamed Muhaiyaddeen
Educating Children About Islam / Misconceptions About Islam - Zakiyya and Ayesha
True Islam is not a Religion / The Open Heart of Children / Unity Melts Hearts - Zakiyya and Ayesha
Meeting Bawa Muhaiyaddeen (ral.) / Cleaning Our Impurities / Personality / Enneagrams - Sarah A.
Loving What Is / Totally Present / Wisdom is Easy - Sarah A.
Surrender is Active in God / Faith in Ourselves - Hamzabibi Dale Applebaum and Asma Dougherty
Surrender is Trust in God / God is His Qualities - Hamzabibi Dale Applebaum and Asma Dougherty
Death of a Son / Alcohol Abuse of Youth / God is in Each of Us - Cathy Bath
Advertising / Greed / Surrender to God is Instant Gratification / We Are Powerless - Cathy Bath
The Moment of Transcendance / Dogma vs. Understanding - Tony Buck
The Wisdom of Tradition / Feeding the Soul / The Golden Rule and Inner Jihad - Tony Buck
Meeting Bawa Muhaiyaddeen (ral.) and Archiving His Teachings / Removing the Veils / Letting God Direct Us - Aishah Stern
Bawa Muhaiyaddeen's Teachings are Everywhere / Asking God for Help / Dying Before Death - Aishah Stern
Prison / Fellowship Prison Project / Bawa Muhaiyaddeen's (ral.) Teachings Pull You In - June R. and Razzaq C.
A Prisoner's Letter / Becoming a Human Being / Avoid Bad and Become Good / The Pond - June R. and Razzaq C.
Hospital Work / Healing Begins in the Heart / Dying Before Death / Peace Inside the Pain - Dana H.
The Patient Can Help the Doctor / Handling Pain / We Are Not the Body / A Humble Person Can Know God - Dana H.
Meeting Bawa Muhaiyaddeen (ral.) / Cutting Karma / The Zikr as an Affirmation that We Are Being Breathed - Sue (Razeena) H.
Service: Meaning and Importance / Supporting Each Other / Bawa Muhaiyaddeen as a Perfect Example of Service - Sue (Razeena) H.
Finding Faith / The Path Is Both Simple and Difficult / Go Within / Learn Patience / Polish the Mirror - Don R.
Being Positive / Helping One Another Is Grace / God Does the Work For Us / We Are the Instrument - Don R.
Looking For Answers / Who Am I? / Inner Work is In The Daily Life / We Must Understand Bad Qualities In Order To See the Good - Chuck and Nina Ginty
Controlling Mind and Desire / Ramadan / Changing the Mindset / Conscience Is Our Link To God - Chuck and Nina Ginty



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